About the Author

I am a mature woman recently retired from the best job in the world that offered me the opportunity to travel to the far corners of globe (on government dime) and to indirectly affect lives of hundreds or maybe even thousands of the poorest and the downtrodden of our species. I have seen first hand the horrendous damage that we humans are capable of inflicting on one another. I have also witnessed instances when a simple action by a single individual had enormous impact on many lives and made a difference between life and death or between misery and contentment if not happiness.

I think what defines me is the curiosity about the surrounding world, as evidenced by my living in 5 different countries (2 in Europe, one in Latin America, one in the Caribbean, as well as the U.S.), having three different careers (journalism, information technology, and civil service), making a thorough mess out of my personal life, and constantly seeking new challenges as well as avenues to make sure folk are more in tune with our ecological and political surroundings.

Ours is a relatively small planet, in a cosmic scheme of things. It is therefore inexcusable to be uninformed and unaware of at least the most important events and of the comings and goings of the influential people around us as it is them who ultimately shape our environment and it is us who pay the consequences of our ignorance or intellectual laziness.

There are three kinds of people who irritate me to the point of not wanting anything to do with them: religious zealots, smokers, and Republicans. As for the rest — I believe in diplomacy between nations and in civil intellectual debate between individuals. I view the Internet as an ideal medium to foster the latter.

If something in my blog strikes a nerve, or if you feel strongly that a posting needs a follow-up or that it is one-sided or incomplete, I implore you to contribute your comments by clicking on the “Comments” link below the posting. I promise to approve all of them (the sole exception being spam).


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