Planet Romney

“Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” — said Hilary Rosen, and it was like stirring a hornet’s nest, with all politicians and wanna-be’s alike up in arms saying how raising children is hard work. Sure it is. It is even harder when a mother holds two jobs, commutes on a bus, can’t pay the bills with what she’s earning and can’t better herself, school being a luxury out of her reach. Ann Romneys of this world are clueless when it comes to knowing what it’s like to be a working class mother in today’s America. That is what Hilary Rosen meant and no apology ought to be expected or given.

As much as Ann Romney would like to present herself as a coal-miner’s grand-daughter (gag me!), I don’t think even the most feeble-minded of us are buying it.  It is one thing to direct the servants, the nannies, the housekeepers, and the personal assistants and it is quite another to scrub your floors, do your dishes, cook your meals, wash your clothes, stand in lines, and put in an 8-hour work shift, day in and day out, then to come home and do the remaining house chores, as no paid domestic help will do them for you.

Ann Romney and her husband would like us to believe that they are just like us and that she CHOSE to be a stay-home mom while all those other women (career or not) chose to work instead, maybe finding their children to be too much of a bother to handle 24/7. Isn’t it nice to have such a choice? Isn’t it nice to choose whether to drive two Cadillacs or a Mercedes and a Porsche? To vacation in Hawaii or in Aspen? To build a car elevator or to take the stairs from the garage instead? Anne Romney’s world is full of such choices. Decisions, decisions … The rest of us, however, more often than not are faced with a choice to pay our electric bill or to eat this week. To have Grandma babysit or to leave the kids with the neighbor again. Personally, I and every woman I know live on a different planet from that of Ann Romney’s and we all know for a fact that we will never bump into her in a laundromat or a Wal-Mart store.

As for her MS and cancer that she overcame — good for her, but why is that brought up again and again, by herself, by her husband, and by the media? All human beings have to deal with sickness at one time or another in our lives and to play it as a sympathy card is just pathetic.

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One Response to Planet Romney

  1. Paul says:

    You’re right. Those people have absolutely no clue what life is like for real people.

    “If you can’t afford college, borrow money from your parents.” Jesus.

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