Oh, Sister!

The government is making noise about investigating the reality show participants to see whether they can be prosecuted for bigamy. It’s not the bigamy, stupid! Although, last time I checked, bigamy was a felony. Who cares how many obese female doormats, brainwashed, with zero self-worth, want to appear on the national TV to profess their undying devotion for the cad who shows no respect for any of them, even though he allegedly “fell in love — again, and again, and again.” Let him fall into responsibility now, fall into consequences for a change.

The issue that disturbs me is that such communes (no, they are not “families”) have no qualms about relying on government handouts. This is how it works: the first wife is the legitimate one, recognized by the American government. The others are merely “single mothers” receiving money to support their brood of bastard children. While for the benefit of a camera they will show you how much they and their children’s daddy love their common offspring, when it comes to filling their application for welfare, WIC, food stamps, etc., they will state they have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the children’s biological father(s). And that is fraud, plain and simple.

So, instead of wasting taxpayers’ money in chasing women away, jailing the men, and placing the unfortunate children in foster homes, why not cut off the gravy train. There are roughly 40,000 communes like the one on the “Sister Wives” show, in the state of Utah. You do the math. Let’s make sure the daddies or their churches shell out the money. “You play, you pay!”

One more suggestion: take that crap off the television. It’s like watching paint dry, for crying out loud. Those pathetic souls who turn on the boob tube to see “The Biggest Loser”, “Hoarders”, or “Sister Wives” – they all need to GET A LIFE!!!

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