Devil Made Them Do It

Several U.S. Army soldiers killed civilians in Afghanistan while on drugs. Do you think anything will happen to them? One would think murder ought to carry some consequences. One would be wrong. Our military is untouchable. You put on a uniform and you got license to kill.

Remember the Blackwater mercenaries shooting civilians from the helicopter in Baghdad? How many of them are in jail? None. The military court decided that it’s O.K. to kill unarmed citizens of a country we “liberated.” To the winner go the spoils. Blackwater was kicked out of Iraq as personas non gratas so they changed their name and went back in as Xe. Hey, business is business! Blackwater was billing our government $1,500 a day for every one of their contractors, of which the contractor was paid $500 and Blackwater pocketed the $1,000. Everyone involved was happy with the arrangement, while you and me (the taxpayers who foot the bill) were and are kept in the dark. That was the going rate for murderous goons we financed five years ago.

Today, Xe “operates” in Afghanistan. I’m sure they are paid very well for their so-called services. And what those services are exactly? To protect our military. Yes, that’s right. Our military needs protection by the hired guns because they are unable to protect themselves, their convoys, the visiting diplomats and the politicians seeking a photo-op in a combat zone. Some military decide to join Blackwater (or Xe, or Aegis, et al) in lieu of reenlistment. They say “Why should I risk my life for peanuts if I can get paid well and have my fun in the process.”

Our Marines massacred civilians at Haditha. Our mercenaries killed unarmed families from helicopters and rooftops. British hired guns shot people from the back of their truck while making a video to pop music and postingit on the Internet. Our Army tortured “enemy combatants” in Cuba and killed Afghans for their trophy body parts.

All the while, we hear it wasn’t their fault. It was war, and we all know wars can be messy. It was the peer pressure. Everyone who ever attended an American high school knows that peer pressure can be brutal and can make you do things you wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. It was because they wanted to impress their boyfriend or girlfriend. It was because they were taught that there may be arms hidden in any Iraqi house, so why take chances. It was because they were afraid to say no to their sergeant. It was because they were flying high on hashish laced with opium. It was because they suffered from PTSD. It was because … How about BECAUSE THEY ENJOYED IT? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, America!

I recently watched the movie “Brothers.” A “bad” brother gets out of jail and takes care of the “good” brother’s family while the good brother is playing a “hero” in Afghanistan. He and another soldier survive a helicopter crash and are held prisoners by a local chieftain with sadistic inclinations who tells him that if he wants to survive he has to kill his buddy. He picks up a pipe and with very little hesitation whacks the private over the head until he’s dead. He then goes home, is heralded as a hero, toys with the idea of shooting himself in the head, and ends up undergoing therapy for his condition, the Poor Thing!

As a parent of two sons in the military, not a day goes by without me wondering if they will come from deployment whole. But the biggest worry is: did I raise them right? When put in a “situation”, will they be able to tell right from wrong? If not, how on Earth will they be able to live the rest of their lives with something like THAT on their conscience?

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3 Responses to Devil Made Them Do It

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  2. Paul says:

    I’m glad someone is saying this. You’ll never hear it in the corporate media.

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