OMG, My Neighbors are Such Pigs!

I live in a nice apartment in a bad neighborhood. At least I thought it was a nice apartment when I moved in two years ago. The place was newly built and I was only the second tenant in this particular one-bedroom unit on the third floor. Mind you, I don’t exactly LIVE here, as my job requires me to travel extensively most of the time, so I basically only park my luggage here between trips, do the laundry, put in my expense report for the trip I just returned from and make arrangement for the next assignment somewhere across the world. Still, it would be nice to come back home to a nice, clean, well-lighted place, especially since I always make sure to leave it spic-and-span so the only thing I have to do when I walk in the door is vacuum and dust. Well, the problem is with the neighbors. I already spotted a mouse once and a cockroach on three different occasions. I assume these were three different cockroaches, as the sightings were months apart and each time I took a high resolution photo, printed it, hand carried it to the manager office and asked for the exterminator to swing by my place. As for the mouse, the exterminator placed a sticky pad behind my toilet bowl. I assume it was for the mouse to stick to it and starve slowly. I would have found the corpse weeks later. Yikes! Needless to say, I threw away the sticky device. Why do I have vermin in my beautiful apartment? That is a good question and I’m afraid the answer lies in the fact that my neighbors are pigs. I know that for a fact, as whenever I’m in town, I pick up wrappers, cigarette butts, kitchen garbage bags left in the stairwell, and all kinds of empty bottles, packaging, and other stuff. I do this every time I leave my apartment and every time I come back. Now, that a Seven Eleven opened just one building over, the garbage also piles up outside, left there by my porcine neighbors and by the dwellers of the projects down the street. I remember when I was hiking in the hills of Northern California and I saw other hikers scooping up trash on the trail. I started to carry a trash bag myself, to clean up after the lowlifes who think nothing of throwing empty cans right on the path. Now, I’m beginning to think that the offenders must have been visitors from NE Washington, DC. Why do people do it? Why can’t they take their trash with them and throw it in the trash bin? I think I know why: because their parents, their teachers, their preachers, and their other role models – none of them taught these people how to behave in a civilized society. That’s why they litter everywhere and terrorize all the normal people around them. That is also why they howl like animals on the subway. That is why teenage girls carry themselves like “hoes” and teenage boys smell as bad as they look. They are such slobs! They eat their junk on the subway, ignoring the posters explaining to them that food on the metro attracts rats. Nobody taught them any manners. The bottom line is: I live in a vermin infested place because my neighbors are pigs. It is not fair, but it is what it is. Dixi!

P.S. I can’t resist to post this picture which fully illustrates somebody’s frustration of having to deal with slobs for neighbors:

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