Burons, Burons Everywhere!

A couple of weeks ago, at a swimming pool in one of our overseas military bases, I overheard the following: “Dat faggit, he bowto go back to Eye Rack, know waddaymean?” I think I do know what he meant: that a fellow, who may or may not be a homosexual but for whom the speaker has zero respect, is about to go back to a place I never heard of (unless I assume that he meant to say “Iraq” but didn’t know how to say it, poor thing). A little education is a dangerous thing but I suppose it’s still better than no education at all. I thought that our new, professional military recruited only high-school grads, but I may be mistaken. Or maybe this is the kind of grads our inner city schools are churning out nowadays? (Kudos to DC’s Mayor for firing 241 incompetent teachers last week!)

This evening I listened to Wolf Blitzer interviewing a man with a long pompous title of the National Security Council Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama. Until now, I thought that someone who has President’s ear and who is involved in making very influential political decisions, I thought that such an individual would at least know how to speak English. Was I ever wrong! Not only did the man insist (at least a dozen times) on saying Eye-Rack, Eye-Ran, Eye-Ranians, Eye-Raquis, but he even resurrected an old bushism: “nucular.”

I may be somewhat forgiving when it comes to our uneducated soldiers. They just have to do what they’re told and they don’t need to open their mouth in public. However, I find it not only shameful but quite disturbing that our top-heavy, bloated, wasteful government institutions are run by uneducated, unapologetic bureaucratic morons: burons, for short.

Oh, and by the way, every time any of the CNN talking heads tells me to “take a listen”, I feel like throwing up on their shoes!

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